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As many events and meetings are canceled/postponed, and overseas trips becoming almost impossible for us, I have so much time and few things to structure my day.  Now that I am almost finished with book manuscript, sorting of expenses for tax return, AND article due this week (finally), I need to have combination of activities that serve as input-such as reading materials and books I have wanted to read, learning some skills and expanding my knowledge,  AND  output such as writing and making something.  I also find myself need some interaction with people, to keep my spirit high. In that sense, online forum to share ideas and/or learn how to argue with people from diverse background  may be a good start.

Now is the time to DO something rather than just think.  In a way, we are fortunate to be given this space of time as we can decide what we do, rather than being told what to do.  Whenever we do what we are told/asked to do, we do not feel that is our wish and we do not enjoy as much, in my opinion.  If we select and decide what we do, we feel we are responsible for the outcome.  I think that is how we get our energy.  What do you want to do while many things seem to stop due to coronavirus?


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