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I made a blog entry a few days ago about individual freedom to design our own career and/or lifestyle, at the time of the restrictions of the movement.  It appears that 4-work day week is now debated at the committee of the Japanese government as our work style is being reimagined in the face of Covid 19.

New business/academic calendar started 2.5 weeks ago and the long Golden Week holidays are coming up in 2.5 weeks.  Many of you may wonder how we can think of the time when 4 day work week is institutionalized (it may take a while, given the speed of the 19th century often found in the Japanese government actions!) and how we make the best of the upcoming holidays. I strongly recommend that we design our ideal place and format to continue learning our style and experiment it during the GW holidays.

I started the course on data science (now it turns out that it was becoming my reach!) as I have many things I want to do, but do not know how.  (I figured once I have basics of data science, I could live anywhere in the world.)  I tried few online courses few years ago and barely finished them.  I recall the pressure I felt every day to finish/retry the assignment. Now I am struggling even more as all I have is the fat textbook and online links.  In fact, I have been exploring variety of more basic courses and online sites to catch up.

Regardless of the content or format, we would like to invite you to share your own experiences of learning new skills/gaining new knowledge (including your struggles)  at our nest SINCA session on Sunday, April 18.  We would like to discuss our ideal format and approach to keep on learning in small breakout groups and share.  If we can come up with a few specific ideas for some of us to continue together, it will be great.

You can find details here and register through this site.  Looking forward to seeing you then.

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