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Our next SINCA session is scheduled for Friday, September 20.  It is Expert/Skill session with Dai Fujikura, composer/producer who has been very active in many parts of the world these several years.  After summer holidays, we believe you are ready to try something new to make the rest of the year 2019 even greater one.  So what else is better than unleash your creativity!  All of us are creative when we are born, constantly exploring may things, feeling whatever around us, and asking many questions, etc. etc.  But we lose it as we grow older. Why not let your creativity show up with the help of Dai?

Dai will introduce the Born Creative Festival 2019 where you get to hear/touch new sounds from many parts of the world.  It will be a whole day event with many interesting sessions.  The venue is Tokyo Metropolitan Theater in Ikebukuro.

I have been involved with this festival since I got to know Dai several years ago. I feel that my whole world has expanded as I go to his concerts, opera, Mostly Mozart in New York. I met with many young interesting artists, too.

During the session, Dai will explain why he started this Festival, what’s unique this year (many interesting people featured) and where he wants to take us.  It will be a great opportunity to get to know something new (many people are not familiar with this type of contemporary music and different kind of sounds. )

AND,  we want you to think of the ways and approaches to make new type of music accessible and available to the public.  You will unleash your creativity AND practice it, by developing creative ideas to make contemporary music more for the peoples, and not for just few.  It will be held at Pivotal 20th floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower Bldg.  Pivotal has been active in digital transformation and it will be fun to visit their office, too!  Details are available here and you can register through this site.  Come join us to have FUN!

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