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This afternoon, I gave a talk on “Facing new agenda- what should leaders do?.” at the company.  It has been a while since I gave a talk to a big group of over 250? people. It was part of the whole day event where many groups made a presentation on their activities to address global social agenda.  I appreciated the opportunity and at the same time, learned quite a few things myself. Even though I prepared the outline and slides after giving some thought to make it current and relevant, many things do happen such as coronavirus since I sent the outline and slides.  Thus I needed to incorporate some of the latest event and news into my talk.

I also find some slides could be organized better to make my story easier to follow (These things I find when I do it myself!).  The best lessons I learn from the talk are from the questions I am asked.  Today was no exception.  As I spent all the time (50 minutes) I was allocated, I was afraid I could not take any questions.  However, the organizers extended my session by 10 minutes or so and I was able to take three questions.  For each one, better way to respond came to my mind on my way back home.  This type of learning is very valuable for me and I appreciate the opportunity.  The questions made me think and stimulated my thinking, which is one of the great benefits of giving a talk, participating in the panel and/or joining the discussion.  I informed the participants our next SINCA vol. 16 session on In-house entrepreneur scheduled on Friday, Feb. 28 at WeWork Nogizaka.  I hope many from today’s audience will come join us.

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