As I find myself showing  “Covid-19 fatigue”, I decided to give it a try to go to New York.  It will be just about the best time of the year (in fact, I had planned to go there as Billy Joel concert was rescheduled for October at Madison Square Garden. I believe it was rescheduled again, but October is usually very nice time in the City.

As always I look very happy on the plane (though my seat looks a bit different from usual!). The plane looks a bit different from the flight I usually take from Haneda to JFK, but that is fine as long as I get to my favorite city.

It is getting late at night, I decided to have light dinner- appetizer, lobster bisque, and salad with a glass of wine.  It was perfect.  I am now going to get some sleep and will be ready to do many things when I get to New York in the evening.