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I am at Narita airport lounge, getting ready to leave for New York City, one of my favorite cities. I have been making last minute arrangement for the official meetings I need to do in NYC and other appointment I have tried to set while I am there.  Many new things have taken place these few days, which made me  seek new meetings and appointment, though last minute.  (I am also going to some concerts and Broadway shows, which makes it even more complicated with reservations and e-ticket etc.)

At the same time, I am now following up of the courses and sessions we have done this past week such as reviewing the reports.  I plan to join students via Skype while I am in NYC.  (It is very convenient!)  I am also in the process of making plans for the seminars and courses late this month and rest of the year.  I even did the teleconference from the lounge to discuss upcoming seminar.

As I believe we have no internet access on board, I can have quiet time during the flight.  My plan is to read, but we will see…  I can truly live 24/7 today!

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    • Fumi
    • October 19th, 2012

    Ishikura-san, I am a big fan of your book “世界級の…”, your tweets and blog. Being a single mom, working as VP Finance and Director in NJ and NYC for 10 years and Assistant Controller in Japan for two years until a few years ago, I would like to share my experience and learn from you. I would also like to introduce you to a pianist whose performances with his all fingers and seven fingers have being inspiring music lovers at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and all-generation his piano students. He is becoming a bridge between Japan and US through his activities and wishes to continue the efforts. I understand you have a very busy schedule during your stay in NYC. Please let me know if you have any time available. Please excuse me if you found this rather rude. Thank you.

    • yishikura
    • October 23rd, 2012

    Dear Fumi san, this is Yoko Ishikura. Thanks for your comment. My apology for late response. Thank you for reading our book, my blog and tweets. I have been running around in NYC, as you can tell from my blog? But I will be back in several months, I hope. Let me know about the pianist a bit more? Thanks.

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