I am now at Haneda airport lounge waiting for the flight to Canberra, Australia, via Sydney. This is the first time that I will visit the city of Canberra, which I know is the capital of Australia-I learned at grade school!
The purpose of this trip to Canberra is to attend the panel at Crawford Leadership Forum, which I understand is significant event held every year. (They described it as Australian Davos..)The theme of this year is “Responding to a digitalising, deglobalisig Post-Truth World.”  I feel very honoured and privileged to be invited to serve as one of the panelists. The title of the panel that I’m participating is the “Future of Work” and I believe we will discuss impact of digitalization and deglobalization on job etc. among other things.  This is the topic I have been working on, over the past few years and  would be very much interested in discussing with others about the future of work in the face of digitalization and (de?)globalization.
I get an impression that major thrust of this Forum is public policy, with some on public/private collaboration.
The Forum starts on Sunday with Crawford Oration “Leadership we need-sustainable development challenge” by Helen Clark ONZ (whom I believe I have met in Tokyo a few years ago). After the opening gala dinner on Sunday, the Forum starts full swing on Monday.
I will participate in the second panel in the afternoon, and leave immediately after that, as I have shareholder meeting in Tokyo on Tuesday. I wish I could participate fully for 2. 5 days, but this is the new opportunity and I am very much looking for the discussion. I will keep reporting, so stay tuned..