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 I am now at the LA airport, waiting for the flight to Palm Springs. Los Angeles turned out to be much cooler than I had expected (in fact, cooler than in Tokyo these few days) but yesterday was a good relaxing day with my friend who lives nearby.
My friend picked me at the hotel and drove to Abbott Kinney. It is a nice little town with interesting houses and boutiques. We had Sushi at Wabi, where you see many hanging plants giving the tropical? feeling. (Photo on the left)
As always, I had spider roll which was very good. After lunch, we walked around to check several stores. There were many boutiques for apparel and glasses. The prices seemed to be quite high, and I assume that people with high income might come to shop here.
I also hear that tech companies such as facebook have office in the area and many residential apartments have been built for the people work there.
I was overwhelmed by the scale of these tech companies when I visited Palo Alto in November and in March. They seem to be growing at unprecedented speed.
It was sunny and nice day that I fully appreciate lazy lifestyle. (I came back in time for the board meeting via telephone which lasted about  three hours!)

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