I am learning two new skills to mark the new calendar.  I am taking  a course on Python and also trying to learn how to play accordion which my Dad left.  For Python, I searched for the online course and decided on one.  It is quite challenging, but I am spending a few hours a day watching the video and referring to the introductory textbook.  For now I concluded this combination seems to work best for me.  I wanted to have little more flexibility in terms of time (almost three years ago I took two online tech courses, and was always under so much pressure to keep up.)  I realize it takes much longer for me to get the skill, and go slow but hopefully steady.  It is taking considerable amount of time, but I do like it .

For accordion, I am also learning via Youtube.  It is very difficult  as the accordion my Dad left me is quite big and heavy (for me.)  I found some very practical tops   From my experience, I find instructions and classes given by non-Japanese tend to be more user friendly.  They give you realistic estimate of the time needed, how to structure your daily practice etc. etc., depending upon my own objective of learning accordion.

As I realize huge options to learn new skills,, I realize we live in the different digital era.  Digital is the foundation of the society and brings about so much opportunity.  I am fortunate I get to experience its huge potential myself.