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I received the feedback from students who are taking my course entitled “Business Strategy in the era of Change” at KMD.  We are experimenting the new website where students can post their view (Yes or No, etc.) before the class, and rationale,  Take away from the class after the session, as well as some additional references, etc.

As we were in half way of the course, we decided to give survey questions to students in order to get their reactions and suggestions to make the course better.

I skimmed their feedback before the class yesterday, and shared some with the students.  In fact, we are implementing one of the suggestions made by the students for the next sessions.

Today I reviewed all the responses more in detail (it is rather difficult to see on screen, as some are long etc.), and feel that I have learned a lot from their responses.  It covers the way we did survey (such as making sure that responses are anonymous,  multiple choices, etc.) and the way we conduct the class, use of reference, the way I express my own view, etc. etc.

As Dean Nitin Nohria mentioned the other day at HBS alumni event about their initiatives- F1 F2 as well as iLab,  I am excited as long as we are trying something new AND making a progress.  As long as we are 60% right for the first trial, I am happy as we have enough room for improvement.  I do not believe we can expect to accomplish 100%  at the first trial.   That is what makes experiment and innovation so much fun, I think.  What do YOU think?

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