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Registration is now open for the Global Agenda Seminar workshop series 2018 (unfortunately in Japanese only yet)  scheduled for Roppongi Academy Hills. This is 4-month-long workshop series where participants will go through the process of “learning by doing.”
Based upon our past experience and feedback from past participants, we came up to this topic of “Learning by Doing.” In addition, we decided not to plan group projects as group activities do not fit well with the life of participants who have full time job.
We focus on “output” as I have been convinced that new knowledge and/or new skills become your own only when you use them as often as possible. Ideally, if you can get yourself to “Apply/Do” every day, the new knowledge or skill will definitely become yours soon. Thus, GAS 2018 tries to encourage participants to form the habit of daily output.
With so much information available online, many of us (including myself) may be so busy just following information, that we end up with little time to express our own view/opinion (“output”).  I write blog (one form of output) every day, but sometimes find myself forget other form of output, for example, speaking my impression or view on topics.
You may feel that speaking your view without audience is rather strange, but it may work as good practice. (I used to listen to English news podcast and talked about  interesting one for five minutes to myself!)
By following the frequent output routine for four months of GAS 2018, we hope you can form the habit of frequent output, hopefully, daily output. For details and application, go to this site. (in Japanese only yet)

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