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Global Agenda Seminar (GAS) 2019 just began last Saturday as I reported earlier.  This year’s theme is “Woking across Differences” which goes beyond “diversity” as is often described in media.  Last years theme for Global Agenda Seminar series was “Learning by Doing.”  The reason we picked this topic last year was because of several reasons. I am increasingly convinced that new skills cannot be acquired without practice.  I.e. You need to “Do” it yourself to “Learn new skills.”  Many textbooks and videos are available now to learn new skills and new topics.  And yet, almost all the skills needed today and tomorrow need actual “Doing.”

I realized the importance of it last year when I was learning coding. I tried several years ago, but did not do it myself, and I gave up after some time.  This time, I took online course for beginners programming and I had to hand in assignment so often and thus practice learning by doing.  It is my impression that with technology today, many more things need to be learned through prototyping and doing.

My recent example is around website  for SINCA and peatix posting & management as well as preparation and management of survey.  We used to have a person that was able to do these tasks, but she worked long overtime almost every day that she could not do it quickly enough.  (It became so much stress factor for me! as I did not know how to do it myself.)

As we agreed that she should leave the task, I took over and learned peatix and survey management.  It was not easy as I had little knowledge and had to ask around and/or search.  After so many mistakes and failures, I believe I finally figured out how to do it.  This is how I realize the importance of “Learning by Doing.”  It appears that this skill is extremely important today and tomorrow. You need to practice to learn new skills AND in addition, you need to use them OFTEN. You need to continue learning new version.  I am almost convinced that without mastering this habit and practice, it is almost impossible to make a living/keep doing interesting things.  I hope I can continue so that I can have fun life.

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