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Recently I have come across with some events that make me realize the importance of knowing when to leave the work, organization,etc.   I have been quite critical of those people who tend to stay on the position (particularly the top positions of the organization and institutions) for a long time.

I have felt that those who may have done great things at one time or the other seem to have done more damage than good if they stay at the position too long.  It is not only true for the business enterprises, or institutions, but also true at organizations and communities.

When you start the organization and/or some project, you are dedicated and committed to make them successful.  Your project becomes your baby that you have a hard time leaving. It is understandable that you feel so attached to the organization and find it difficult to part with it.  And yet, I think it is critical to know when you leave the organization/institution to the next generation, and NOT to stay on.

I believe the kids (and grand kids, these days, I suppose) are in the same way.   If you hang on to them and protect them too much for too long, they will not stand on their own and develop capability to survive.

It is our responsibility to know when to leave the organization, position, institution etc. so that the next generation can demonstrate their own creativity.  As long as the organization/institution becomes sustainable on its own and takes its own course,  even away from your original idea, I think it is good that you created a sustainable organization.

It has been a good reminder to see how some great people stay on too long, & to stifle new generation.  We all have to go on to new things and keep our spirit fresh, and NOT dominate the organization/institution for too long.

As I come to think of it, it is a different form of leadership.  Leadership to leave and pass the  baton to the new and young leaders.  Leaders of tomorrow should NOT stay as leaders of tomorrow, but they need to become leaders of TODAY!

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