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This evening (Sunday, March 24(, I went to reception for President Lawrence Bacow, the new president of Harvard University. This is the second time I  went to the event for the President of Harvard, as I went to dinner when Drew Faucet came  a few years ago. I really did not know much about Larry but was interested in how institutions like Harvard sees the current status of higher education, its value now often challenged & how they see the direction/divide now I find in the US.

I thought he responded to these questions well as they were to the point. I was more intrigued by how he decided to take the offer after his initial intention to decline. It is related to what happened in Charlottesville among other things.  I had found that his mother was the only survivor of Auschwitz of her family and of the town they live in, before his parents immigrated to the US. In fact, he called himself a refugee.  As the discussion has been heated around immigration and refugees these few years, I have found many well known people/leaders are sons & daughters of the refugees.  As this is very rare in Japan, I have been very interested how the background of being a refugee affects the opinion and views of the people.

Below is the You tube video of his speech at Beijing University before he came to Tokyo.

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