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keiocolorsToday December 3 was the last class session of Business Strategy at KMD. I wrapped up briefly about what we covered in the course. In the fast-changing world, business strategy needs to incorporate technological progress and social issues and global agenda. I briefly discussed the news of Mark Zuckerberg donating huge amount of money to make the world better place, as example of recent trend of young people in the technology area taking actions for social issues.
Then I talked about the importance of assessing market development when thinking about own career plan. Each student shared with us all their career plan, which I thought was very interesting. (As I asked questions and made comments for students in the first half, not managing time well, we went on for two hours!)
FullSizeRenderIn between the first and the second half, we had pizza and soft drinks to celebrate the completion of the course.
I had a great time in this course as this is one of good ways to keep in touch with young people from different countries. It was fun…

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