Yesterday, April 22, I went to see one of the last shows at Kabuki-za which will close for the renovation.  I had an opportunity to enjoy one show the other day and wanted to try it again.  As it was cold and raining, I thought the line to see one show would not be too long.  Wrong!

The line was so long that I was informed that I might get in for the show that would start in two hours.  I debated whether I should stay or not, but decided to give it a try.  I recalled that long lines at the Times Square in Broadway where half-fare tickets to Broadway shows are sold on the day.  I stood on the line at Broadway many times, even in the freezing weather. Standing on the line itself was an experience that I enjoyed talking with people there.

So I ended up standing on the line for 2.5 hours and finally got the ticket to Terakoya and Sannin Kichiza, both were very well known plays.  The actors included Koshiro, Tamasaburo, Kanzaburo, Nizaemon for the first show and Kikugoro, Danjuro and Kichiemon for the second show.  What a line up!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching both shows, and did not mind standing for over 3.5 hours altogether.  Beauty and art is so inspiring that you feel that the life is worth living.