Davos Experience in Tokyo series ended with the session #60 last night, Friday, July 27. Dow Chemical sponsored this last session at First Square Conference Hall  and Mr. Jennings, Ms. Sawanobori and Mr. Miyashita made the presentation to kick off the last session.  We then brainstormed to design “ideal organization we look forward to going on Monday morning.”  (I plan to report more details later.)

As we announced this would be the last session, many people participated -some from KMD days and others whom we have missed for some time. I was so impressed, moved and grateful for the energy they came with.

I would like to extend my most heartfelt thanks to you who supported us in many ways in the past five years, Wilson Learning Worldwide that has been in charge of administration, and above all, those who participated in the series. It has been a long and short journey to explore the possibility of offering place for free discussion in English.

Here is a short video that describes our journey. (produced by my friend who has been helping us recently with facebook posting, etc.)

We are about to start new series called “SINCA-Sharing Innovative & Creative Action.” It is work in progress and at the stage of prototyping and experimentation. It is likely, however, to include several distinctive categories- 1) open innovation series with companies (similar to the ones conducted under Davos.. ) 2) start-up series where start-up companies present their concept & brainstorm 3) informal, small group series for developing tools, necessary for those who want to work/live in the global space- ex. English x programming, English x visual storytelling, English x Japanese culture, etc. ) and collaboration with other organizations (publishing, etc.) We plan to post on our website, series of interview with top management, and with participants on their career track (participants of my seminars tend to change jobs, go overseas, start business etc.)  Here is the video focusing more on why we decided to go on to the next steps. (produced by my friend who has been in charge of afore-mentioned interview series.)

We will start activities in the late 2018, but plan to hold launch event of new SINCA series on Saturday, September 29 at 16:00 at Kasumigaseki Common Gate. Panel of past participants of series with diverse career stories, and discussion/debate for “What would you do if your job disappears tomorrow?) are scheduled. Networking will follow. Everybody is welcome.
We will rename current davostokyo facebook page https://www.facebook.com/davostokyo/ to SINCA soon. So please “like” our davostokyo facebook page if you have not done so for updates.