Today, May 25, last MBI Family Day was held at Ito International Hall of Hongo Campus, University of Tokyo.  MBI stands for Multinational Business Institute and began in 1984 to develop global managers/leaders at McKinsey.  It lasted for 10 years, 3 times a year with some 30 participants representing as many companies.  I served as one of the instructors for the first part of this program held in Tokyo. (The group went on to the US and Europe).  I was in charge of the “simulation game” for a few days and got to know many participants through this program.

After the program ended in 1994, the alumni association continued to maintain network with the participants through seminars, various circle activities and family day get togethers.  I attended the family day three years ago(I believe), and heard that the MBI alumni association will close with this family day.  (Informal group with people who want to continue will go on.)

The afternoon program began with slide shows and quiz related to MBI program, Japan & world around 1980s and in 1990s.  The first speaker was  Kazuo Watanabe who gave lecture on philanthropy during the program, followed by Rakugo.  Yoshi Yokoyama, office manager of Tokyo office followed with the lecture on social system.  Three young ex McKinsey people active in social activities joined Yoshi Yokohama for the panel.

Then we began get-together where several short speeches (including mine) and jazz band and harmonica performance by the past participants.  I enjoyed the first two parts as well as the get-together. I made iMovie with photos and video, with voice over in English!