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Today marked the end of the Foundation Week at ICS and we will start regular classes tomorrow, September 30. As the last event of the Foundation week, we had faculty introduction, followed by get-together with students, faculty and staff.

Almost all the faculty members of the International Business Strategy course joined the class of 2009 and introduced ourselves. I decided to wear the red suit, as Hideki Kawada, our MBA director introduced me during the evening program at Takao last week that I tend to wear bright colors. After I introduced my name and courses I teach, I said, “I wear the red suit to meet the expectation.” Then I opend the shocking pink umbrella which I had bought at Uniqlo. I had wanted to say that I planned to brighten up the day as it was raining this morning. But the students seemed to like the pink umbrella, and I forgot to say that.

Then we had informal get-together where I talked with several students. Now the new academic year starts and the excitement and fun begins!

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