Today, April 22, was the last day of my stay in NYC.  As usual, my day started with the visit at the sports club nearby. On my way back, I saw beautiful blue sky (I do not recall I see this type of scene in Tokyo).  As my days are very full when I arrive in Tokyo, (though 10-day holidays are coming soon), I somewhat got back to the business as usual mode.

After some email exchange, I managed (I hope) to finalize my trip to Estonia in early May. I checked the plan of upcoming seminar series, and spent most of the morning in my room, in front of PC. I decided to go out though it was light rain and picked up a few more things.

I then called my host parents in Charlottesville, Virginia to wish them Happy Easter. It is amazing that their granddaughters are getting married/graduating from college etc. and realized how time flies.  It was nice to hear their voice (they are both in 80s) and find them well enough to travel to various places for the occasion.

While in the US, I tried to do things I find much easier done here than in Japan.  Thus, I mailed membership cards, etc. etc. and went to the Apple store one block away to fix password.  In most cases, you need not wait too long or need to make an appointment. They are kind and explain instructions in their own words, which is easier to follow.

Then I decided to make a plan for the summer and was on the phone for quite some time to find out what kind of package deals are available.  You can call them but  following instructions on the internet gets sometimes quite confusing.  After some trial, I managed to get the room for the gap days in British Columbia.  I also learned how to do it (hopefully remember it tomorrow!)

I dropped by at my stepson’s place to say Hello.  My stepson left for London but girls and their mom were there.  It was nice to see them (though I come here so often, they are used to it!).  Now I am almost packed and ready to get up very early tomorrow morning hopefully to hit the gym and then go to EWR.  Having Monday as the last day is good as there are no shows on Mondays, and I need not be out late before the flight.