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Today, August 22, is the last day I spend in Whistler this summer. It has been a good stay overall, though we only had few “summer-like” days.  In fact, it rained very hard this morning and it was just half an hour ago or so it finally stopped. (It is possible that summer days may be back tomorrow!)  After spending several weeks in my unit, I returned all the books and CDs to the library, sent books I brought to read back home (I always spend a fortune doing so every summer!), packed my golf bag and other sporting gear to leave with my friends and almost packed my own suitcase.

This year was somewhat different from the past two summers in that I went back home for over 2 weeks in the middle and I had no book manuscript to write.  So the stay in Whistler was relatively shorter than usual, but it has been refreshing and relaxing.

crisisProgramMy days in Whistler have not changed much in that I go to the circuit training exercise class 6 days a week, read (I finished “Crisis Economics” and “Learn to Program” -though some more exercises to do-in English and several in Japanese), got together with friends, played a few holes of golf, went to the free concert, etc.  While playing golf, I met and talked with quite a few people about the world economy, tsunami etc. in Japan, and the like.  I enjoy easy going conversation we have during the play, watching father and son playing together, couples-both not so young and young- having fun in the beautiful environment.  I enjoyed Ladies night as usual etc.

rockSundays are always Farmers Market day where I ran into some friends all the time.  I love watching kids do fun things such ash rock climbing, etc., enjoy sampling foods such as salsa, different kinds of cheese, flavored almonds, etc.  Snacks such as crepes, Australian pie, and baked goods there are always great to have for lunch.    I feel that I have consumed more blueberries, strawberries, rasberries, black berries and cherries than I have consumed in the past few years in Japan!.

I also had my share of encounters with the black bear.  This year, however, due to the long winter, cold June and July, the business  has not been good and retail business, in particular, 5fingerseems to have suffered.  You can tell how the business is from many promotions and specials offered at the golf courses and restaurants. We had $15 for five holes of golf after 5:00 p.m. and 5 lessons/rounds/dinner for less than $300!  Restaurants try hard to attract customers, too with specials.

The highlight of this year’s stay in British Columbia include the trip to Vancouver for the Siggraph 2011 and the train ride with the KMD students back to Whistler, followed by BBQ at my unit.   It was fun and the weather was perfect.

Having lost three close friends while in British Columbia makes me wonder what life is all about and makes me appreciate each day.

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