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 Today, March 31, was my last official day at ICS. I spent 11 years there since its foundation in 2000.  It has been such an exciting journey of creating a new institution, based upon the best of two worlds–the West and the East, Theory and Practice etc. 

  My last day was a bit hectic as always.  I sent note of my career change both in English and in Japanese to people I know (in addition to the postcard which will be sent later), deleted many files on my PC, together with some application software. (I am a bit concerned as I deleted everything without checking what I was doing!)  

Withshoe   While I was doing it, one student came by and we ended up talking about the difference in the way foreign and Japanese media report nuclear plant issues etc. etc. 

  I said Thank you and Good bye to my colleagues, staff with whom I had wonderful lunch yesterday (see photo with many smiling faces AND the present, fivefingers!), guard at our building and others. 

 The past decade (to be exact 11 years) was a wonderful decade for me as I was given the opportunity to participate in such an exciting task of creating an institution.  I have had so many opportunities to experiment, trial and error, which caused a lot of headache now and then. 

  More than once, I was so disappointed and so discouraged as one of my courses were getting nowhere!   I now realize, however,  I had sucha rare opportunity to start something new.  Now it is 11 years later, it is the new leadership team that should take ICS to the new decade.

  I am now very excited about the new opportunity to join the faculty of the graduate school of Media Design at Keio University (KMD).  I am sometimes overwhelmed by the concerns and worries as I am not sure whether I can deliver in the new environment.  But the excitement usually wins over!  I am very fortunate to be given another opportunity to try something new.  This occasion is even more significant as there are so many people up north who are now trying to recover from the  disaster, redesign and rebuild their life. I hope I can join them in spirit.

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