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img_1982Today (Dec. 1) was the last day of the strategy course at KMD. We invited Dr. Takeda of IBM who gave us very interesting talk on Watson. I have been fascinated by Watson and students had many questions earlier and they even worked on the group project most of which talked about Watson.
img_1978img_20161201_144527After the class, we took a group picture with Dr. Takeda and Ms. Ogawa of IBM. I took a photo with Dira, who helped me as Teaching Assistant of this course. On the left is our selfie with Dira and Hu, one of students.
I enjoyed teaching this course as the group is very diverse, in terms of nationality, interest and expertise. It is always fun to have diverse group as it promotes very active and lively discussion. I hope the students had fun, too. (probably not always, but overall..)

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