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 Today, June 9, was the last class of Aikido this term.  This was special as Emily, who participated in  the class for several months (probably longer?) is leaving Japan. This has been a small class (2 or 3 ) and I enjoyed it very much. (I even went to Wednesday class with her when I had time.) We took a photo with Emily, Terry (another student who does Kendo, I believe, too) and Paul, instructor.

I have taken this class for a long time (I believe I may be the one for adult class that has participated longest, as many leave Japan after some time.)

This is the adult basic class which just fits me. We go through basic techniques many times and there are always many things to learn.  My goal now is to continue!   In fact,  I tried advanced class with students, but found they were simply too much for me. (I ended up practicing with the high school students who are closer to my grand kids in age!)  Small class size is also very good as we get detailed suggestions for each one of us.

The next term starts in September, and over the summer, I will keep up my daily workout schedule.  (I go to tough circuit class in British Columbia six days a week, when I am there, so I believe I can maintain -at least do not lose too much- of my physical strength over the summer!)

I am usually quite sore Sunday afternoon after the class and today is no exception. (Fortunately, I have no seminar, meeting etc. today, so I can relax for a change!) This class is done by Pacific Aikido. Here is the link.

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