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NNLadies2 Yesterday, July 12, I went to play Ladies Night golf at nearby golf course in Whistler.  I played the same event in the past few years, and I enjoyed playing with people in the area and socialize.  Some of them are very good players (they  are members of the golf course and play almost every day during the season), and the dinner is always good.

I did not play well (my drive was out of control!, but I lost three balls only!), but had a lot of fun.  It was even nicer as quite a few people said Hi, as I had met them in the past for the same event.  (We also had some charity event, too.)   The weather forecast was bad, predicting rain, but we got lucky  and we were able to finish 18 holes in 4 hours.   (It was a bit chilly, and everybody wore shells and rain gear to keep warm.)

Dinner was a lot of fun  and I got some tips as to golf lessons, events etc. taking place in the area.  You can tell from the photo that all of us had fun!

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