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Sunday (Feb. 24), I hosted Ladies night Tokyo version at my apartment. This has been on for few decades and I invite friends from high school, college, work, etc. etc. twice a year.  One close friend of mine passed away a few years ago (she was always so funny and such a great character to have at get-together!) and others have hard time to attend as they themselves are not well, their families are ill and/or they need to care for elderly etc.  But I continue even with a few (originally, we had some 12) and this last Sunday was no exception.

I invited new members (the person we have known for a long time) and very young professional I met through this person.  One another young professional could not come as she had too much to do (my request for some work!)

I ask people to bring something (and reply to all so that there are no overlaps) and I prepare some food, buy some, and drinks. Essentially, I provide the “place” so that we need NOT leave after 2 hours or so.  (In fact, it went on over 3 hours this time.)  We had champagne, white wine, and a lot of different kinds of food. It is always fun to find out what everybody is up to.

This time, my friend from high school who was not able to as her son was so ill for some time (he passed away some time ago) came to brighten up the place. She was back to her fun loving person and we laughed a lot.  It is such a great opportunity to feel relaxed, enjoy food and drinks and just have fun.  I am glad that many came and had fun.

We forgot to take a photo except of the table, but I included some photo of the people, as they are all my friends.  Some not included, and others did not come, but you can get the feel for it.

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