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IMG_9523Last night (April 8) I hosted #? (do not remember how many times we have had this!) of Ladies Night Tokyo version at my apartment with six friends. This is bi-annual get-together with friends from high school, university, work, fun etc. has been continued since a decade ago. (probably more like 2 decades!)
There are some 12 members, but lately, some have health issues, need care for sons/parents, work/fun commitment, and not all can come.
It began as a get-together in the winter (to cheer up ourselves in winter) and the summer version began so that we can drink beer! We used to call it “beer party”, but the subject line of notes as such may not be too appropriate for company email, and thus we changed the name to “discussion group to think of the future of Japan”. (In fact, we do talk about not only Japan but also the world incl. US presidential election etc.) We played with the idea of doing it at some restaurant, but have continued to do at my place, as it is easier, more casual, and relaxing.  I provide the place and some food/drinks and others bring food/drinks.  (We had champagne and white wine last night.)
As to what we talk about, I feel I talked too much last night as I wanted to share my goal these days(I finally figure out the common theme cutting across my activities!), We try, however,  to make sure that everybody tells her own story. (We try to stay away from some Japanese style get-together where few dominate the discussion and some do not even say a word. This is a sure way to make the occasion not fun and not continue the series)
wineOur topic ranges from what we do now- our work & job status (some are retired and others still have full time job), new ideas for some projects, volunteer activities etc. and how to use various technological devices and applications.
As they represent different fields, it gets very lively and we all learn many new things.  As all bring some food or drinks, we exchange recipes, too. (I have some fixed appetizer menu for these occasions, but want to break away from them and try something new yesterday–some of which could be better next time.)

Probably one change we have seen in the past decade or so is that we consumer less alcohol, but as much food as before.  (We finished champagne and white wine!)

It so happened that I had two other events I wanted to attend last night (i.e. triple booking), and wanted to have clones or VR.  Face-to-face get together in the relaxed atmosphere with close friends is hard to match.  Thanks for coming…

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