On Saturday, I had 10 lady friends over at my place.  This is bi-annual event and usually held around this time of the year.  Official title of the get-together is “Future of Japan”.  (It began as the occasion to enjoy good food and drinks –and the summer version was the get-together to drink beer.  But the title of drinks/food may not be appropriate to communicate via e-mail, we have decided to give it an official title.)

This time, it had another objective.  One of the ladies who had been teaching had the last lecture Saturday afternoon.  So it was the occasion to celebrate her great teaching career.  I was not able to attend the last lecture (I was busy preparing food, drinks, etc. for the get-together), several of us attended. The title of her talk was “Global citizen and the Career of interpreter.”  In that, she described the similarities between the two–global citizenship and the career of interpreter– by pointing out the requirement to become one–such as the will and skill to understand others,  sense of mission,etc.

From that topic, we talked quite extensively about what we need to see and do.  It was a pleasant, enjoyable and fruitful time.