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IMG_4600On Monday, February 2, I was invited to Keio Media Design Ladies Night at my friend’s house. The house belongs to my colleague I used to teach with while at KMD.  She is technology expert and you can tell from her house.(More on this below.)

We brought drinks, food etc. and ate and drank. (You can see a part of it -see photo on the left.)  I brought two bottles of red wine, cheese and crackers. I also brought small soy nuts as the next day Feb. 3 was SETSUBUN where we throw soy nuts to bring fortune and drive away devils.

Her house was designed by her former student and it was beautiful. What was even more amazing to me was the technology goodies she has! She has huge screen (in fact, I got to see one big one, and the other is even bigger, we heard) with 360 degree digital camera, scanner, several PCs etc. etc. She also had a collection of musical instruments including the one exotic I do not even recall the name.

The house looked so comfortable and nice that it would be difficult to get out if I lived there!

What also struck me was the unique collection of things she has. It was obvious that she loved techie stuff, audio/visual and music. You can tell not only her expertise, but also her personality from her collection.

As I think of my own place, I have so many different athletic gear–golf clubs, roller blade, wooden sword, dumbell, free weights,balance ball, in addition to many different kinds of apparel including Dogi for Aikido and sneakers! (I used to have collection of braces as I hurt myself so often!)   I do not believe she has any of these things! Even though we taught at the same school and we shared many things, we are so different when it comes to what we do in our free time. How interesting!

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