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IMG_6728Yesterday, August 12, I joined Ladies Night at one of the golf courses in Whistler. It is very well organized and has attracted many ladies (some 50?)
You can play either 18 or 9 holes, both in shot guy style, followed by dinner with prizes. I opted for 18 this time,  though I was a bit nervous as my shots were not good these few times I played very recently. (Golf is one of the sports that your confidence level plays a significant part)
We had fun as people I played with are easy going and supportive of each other. It was in 30+C heat and I felt tired in the middle, though we had a cart. I managed to play 18, lost only 2 balls! (It was a good idea that I stayed away from my regular circuit training class.) .
IMG_6725At dinner, we were all served a glass of champagne on the house to celebrate hole-in-one by one of the ladies. Dinner with a glass of wine was great as always.  I did not win any prizes, but it was very exciting. I find relaxed life style in Whistler refreshing…

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