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My article on the Labor market in Japan and how people view “work” is now available on the Japan Times Opinion page.  The Innovative City held in Nice and DayOne event in Monte Carlo I participated last week had as one of the three major topics, “Future of Work” with technology advancing very quickly.  In fact, the Deep Dive session I moderated on the first day of DayOne was on “gig economy” and how  the company Deliveroo where many workers work with flexible work schedule plans to introduce the benefit for them so that they  have both security AND flexibility.

Looking at the situation in Japan, where we face rapid declining of working population and big room for application of technology, and probably many more flexible working styles other than full time at the time of graduation, I sense a big difference.  Not only the mindset of business people (work is done only at the office?) I found right after the typhoon, but also the absence of lifelong learning initiative by the people (according to the survey) makes me wonder how the young generation from Japan would compete in the global labor market.

Attending the conference overseas makes me realize the big gap in the labor market as well as people’ mentality to “work.”  My article “Will labor practice be disrupted?” can be found here and my past articles on the Opinion column is here.

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