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Today’s Online Idobata had 7 people including me. I mixed up zoom arrangement and it took a while for everyone to join. (I was on other zoom and thus no host was available!)  We managed to do it and it was fun.  We did not have Online Idobata last week as I went to see Opera, A Dream of Armageddon.  A few members were busy and thus we had 7, which is a good number.

I explained my trip to Kyoto and the Maja Hotel Kyoto I heard from one of my friends who were at Online Idobata today.  I explained how I found the hotel (I liked it, though I had NO idea what to expect) and told them details as to where it is and what is available.

We then talked extensively about how we could use zoom, video etc. and I ended up trying to explain the difficulties I came across and how I tried to resolve them. (Not all were resolved and some I still have no idea what to do.)

We started weekly Online Idobata since March? and it is a good way to keep in touch with friends and find out what each is up to.  The hotel I stayed in Kyoto was what one of my friends heard about at the seminar.  We also hear about other trips some make as well as some events taking place in Tokyo.  So this is a good way to have a casual talk every week.  I enjoy it. I made a short iMovie about Online Idobata this morning. (17 min. or so) HERE it is.

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