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 The World Knowledge Forum is underway in Seoul, Korea from Oct. 12 through Oct. 14. I participated in the past three years as panelist and also as moderator.  I always had a great time in Seoul, as the World Knowledge Forum usually had great group of speakers and panelists.   

  This year, I could not go as I had commitment in Tokyo, but some of my friends including Dai Fujiwara of Issey Miyake is participating. 

  I have been following the tweet of the debate between Paul Krugman and Niall Ferguson on economy at the WKF, as it seemed very heated.  I recall Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman was one of the key note speakers last year and I heard Prof. N. Ferguson at St. Gallen Symposium this spring.  Both of them have powerful way of arguing their case and it must have been such an excting session.

  I also see Richard Branson of Virgin as one of the speakers.  It should be fun to hear him speak.  You can check their website.

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