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This morning, I was invited to the Knowledge Advisory Group Meeting organized by the World Economic Forum.  The group consisted of the senior administrators and some professors from universities throughout the world.  Though I met with some members of the Future of the University Council at Dubai, it was the first time for me to attend this meeting.

As usual, the meeting started at 8:00 a.m. and the first session addressed the “Grand Challenges where Higher Education & Research play a Strategic Role.”   I felt that we had many different ideas on this point and the experiences shared by the members were very rich.  At the same time, I realize that “one size fits-all” solution or model does not exist.  Thus I thought it would be great to collect many good practices so that many more people can benefit from the experiences that institutions have had.  This is similar to  what we tried in our Talent Mobility Council.

My interest was mainly for the second session entitled “ICT Revolution: Where we stand and what’s next.”    It was very useful to hear from the people involved in on-line education and Open University directly.  I realized that the on-line teaching and blended teaching, for that matter, is still experimental and I am amazed that the established universities are doing these experiments.

I had to leave during the working lunch to give a talk to a group of business executives nearby.  I shared my experience with the group of business executives and was asked many questions.  I enjoyed Q  & A session very much.  It gave me quite a few things to reflect.

I think the universities have a lot of potential in the future, and at the same time, those who keep the way as they have done in the past,  do not have any place to hang on.  I also feel that there are many more potential for those who are willing to sense the global trend and pursue their own approach.

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