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In the last Aikido class when I was practicing WAZA(I am not sure what they are called)  with Tanto (short wooden sword) with my friend, we hit our heads by accident.  I do not know how it happened, but we just knocked our heads.   As we were moving quite fast, the impact was not small.

But soon I  forgot about it (meaning my head did not hurt).  Later that night, I received a note from my friend. Her note said, “I hope your head is not as sore as mine.”   It reminded me that we had knock on the head.     I responded to her “No problem.” but decided to take it easy  until the next morning as it may start hurting.

So far, my head is not sore (though my shoulder was on Monday) and it seems it is OK.  I realize that I have tough head(not sure whether this is the right expression).  In Japanese, when people say that your head is hard, it means you are inflexible and too fixed.  Probably, this is a reminder for me that I am getting inflexible.

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