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img_1774This afternoon (November 7), we (students and I) visited IBM studio located near Hakozaki. IBM has helped us with my strategy course in the past several years.  We wanted to try something new this year, as we have done student group project based upon IBM CSC initiative in the past. Rather than receiving the specific CSC type assignment from IBM, we (I to be exact) wanted students to make some recommendation to IBM more broadly.
It is because 1) I am aware of the high interest of “purpose” among the young generation and 2) outsiders’ view of IBM assets to solve some issues we face today might be good, judging from my experience of running “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series etc.
We also wanted to visit IBM (very nice set up) rather than having a guest over at Hiyoshi. Thanks to the help and support of IBM people, fullsizerender-23our visit was made possible today.
Dr. Fukuda, Director of IBM Research Tokyo gave a presentation following the historical development of IBM and computing. As he talked about Watson, many questions were asked about Watson, at the expense of discussion on latest technology. (We will have Dr Takeda who is in charge of Watson in 3 weeks.)
I hope student groups will develop interesting proposal of applying extensive R & D assets IBM has. I am grateful to the generous support of IBM people to us and hope we can meet their expectations when we present  our group project.
We played with Pepper at the end. It was very useful and fun afternoon.

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