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This afternoon, we had the first session of “Business Strategy in the era of drastic change” course I teach this semester at KMD. It is a required course for CEMS students and we have 17 CEMS students this semester, much bigger than last year. We have several KMD proper students attending/shopping for the course.
After I spent some time explaining the business environment today (Exponential, AI, etc.), introducing class outline, and two teaching assistants, we tried mini-debate so that the students could get the feel for the way I conduct the class.
First round was on “Everyone should learn to code” and the second round was on “Everyone should learn English.” For each round, students who wanted Yes sat on one side of the classroom and those with No on the other side.
Discussion was very exciting and I could feel high energy. It was a lot of fun to watch how they argue back and forth.
After two rounds of mini-debate, I asked for topics for “debate” scheduled for next week. As some 20 students seem to register for the course, I wanted to have three topics. Rather than me thinking about the topics, I asked students to propose, so that the topic would be of interest to them and relevant.
After over 20 topics are proposed, we took a vote and selected three topics. I am very pleased with the level of participation and high energy in the first class and I AM very much looking for the great time.

 Photo of CEMS students  last year. (We will post more photos from now.)

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