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For three days last week, the orientation called Crash camp (not sure whether it is Crush or Crash!) was held for the incoming students of KMD at Harumi.  This year, the number of students sharply increased and we had some 40, including some students from the CEMS program and of GID program.

As all the courses are taught in English for the September group, majority of the students are from overseas. As it was the second year for me, I did self-introduction, introduction of m project (since then, got renewed as my project students were having the camp nearby to develop new philosophy, new vision of the project and came up with the new name) and ran the workshop.   From the experience last year, we decided on the  new topic for the workshop.  I wish we had more time as the interesting ideas just about started coming out.

Though the program is quite  similar to the one in April (content of the workshop is different), the students reactions are different.  September class talk much more, express their  views much more clearly, it seems.  They do not seem as nervous and uptight as the April  class during the orientation.

I believe majority of students went out after the evening program (while I tried to catch up with my sleep!), and the last day, they went to Tsukiji fish market, which is an annual event.  Though they got there at 5:00 a.m., the tuna auction  was already closed and they could not see.

Now that the orientation is over, they are getting ready to start the new week with new classes, tomorrow.  The new semester is just about to begin!

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