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ClusterDemo2 Yestereday, cluster demonstration event was held at KMD to introduce and recruit new incoming students of the Master Program to the project.  I announced my plan for the project entitled “Global Agenda & Shared Value Creation” about 10 days ago, had information meeting Monday last week and the first meeting for interested students this last Monday.   

 For the first meeting this last Monday, we read the paper by Michael E. Porter entitled “Creating Shared Value” which forms one of the main concepts behind the project.  We had Q & A session (which was a good opportunity for me to explain the main idea of the paper) and I explained again the three sub-projects I am planning.

  Then we did brainstorming as to how we show our project at the Cluster Demonstration event.  I had no idea what Cluster Demonstration event would be and neither were the students.  But we came up with some ideas and they worked on them to prepare very nice poster, slides and flyers.  I was very impressed with their creativity and was delighted. 

  During the event, some students came by to ask questions about the details of the project at our booth. (See photo with students who worked on them!)  As we just started, I only have some  goal/objective/ideal state we want to accomplish, but open to suggestions as to how we do it.  Some students came up with intersting suggestions and others struggled trying to figure out what they are. (In a way, I am exploring, too, which I think makes it even more fun!)   I also visited other booths to try interesting ideas and listen to their creation.

  After the event, it was Party time!  I hear it was the first big party since the earthquake, AND it was fun.  I stayed quite a while(two late nights in a row!) , enjoying talking with some students (against the loud music etc.!) over beer etc.   It was a great oppotunity to meet with many more students .  (I know most of the first year students as I taught Management Basics course, but not the second years or doctoral students.)  Great way to kick-start the new era  of projects at KMD!

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