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img_1946Hard to believe it is Monday as I had some events all weekend, but today was another day full of activities. First we had IBM executives at our KMD class for #2 Group Project presentation. 6 groups presented their idea for IBM to do for the topics they selected. For some reason, it was focused on Watson, probably that was something students may feel more familiar with.
img_1947After the class, I rushed to Haneda to fly to Okinawa for the seminar the next day (tomorrow.) As I came to Yokohama from Hiyoshi to take Keikyu line to Haneda airport, I found that due to the accident, the Keikyu line was not running. It was quite tricky to go to Haneda from Yokohama and I was quite at a loss for a while. (There were LONG lines of people to change ticket etc.)
After some time, the part of the line started and I managed to get to the airport in time.
The story did not end there. The flight to Okinawa turned out to be much longer than I had expected (almost 3 hours!) due to the delayed departure and strong wind. By the time I got to the hotel (I felt bad for the person who met me at the airport as he had to wait 40 minutes or more!) around 9:00 pm. I am fortunate I was able to have something to eat before all the restaurants at the hotel closed!
Okinawa is much colder than I had expected. (It was very cold in Yokohama!) Now I can relax a bit.

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