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This afternoon (June 15), I went to KMD to attend presentation by KMD CEMS teams. This is the rehearsal for presentation to the sponsor companies and the second time after the first one in the mid May. I was looking forward to it as I wanted to find out how much of the progress has been made.
Until last year, I used to participate by skype, but decided to go to KMD to see them in action this year. It is difficult to see the presentation materials and often hear it clearly by skype. In addition, I want to go to Hiyoshi to feel different air and wanted to get to know what graduate students from overseas  (i.e. CEMS program) are thinking now that the world is undergoing tremendous transformation.
Three teams present for half an hour on the topic for each one of the three sponsor companies. As I do not have direct interaction with the sponsor companies, I make comments based upon what I see and hear there. I appreciate the opportunity to see the analytical approach by the business school/economics graduate students overseas. They presented very detailed analysis this afternoon, too.
At the same time, it gives me the opportunity to explore new topics which are on the mind of sponsor companies. I learn quite a bit from the interaction. There are also lessons learned as I have a role of client, rather than the presenter. When you work on the project, you are so close to details that sometimes you forget how the audience captures or does not get your message. It gives me some ideas as to how I should design my own presentation.
I enjoyed 3-hour session this evening as always. I wish I took a photo with them all as I will not be able to attend the final rehearsal scheduled in early July.

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