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I have supported the KMD/CEMS program in the past few years. In the fall semester, I teach the course on Strategy in English, mainly for the students of CEMS (though it is open to anybody.) In the spring semester, my role is to support the Business Project they do for the sponsoring companies.
This year, unlike in the past, I went to KMD to watch the past two presentations in stead of joining them via skype. It was because I had thought it would be better to see them face to face, at least for the first meeting, (and I also wanted to introduce my other workshop series to them directly.)
July 7 was the day of pre-final presentation and I had no other choice but to review their slides and watch their presentation through video as I was away that day in British Columbia. (At KMD, they tape every session and make them available to the community)  As their final presentation to the client companies is schedule next week, I had to rush to review the slides and watch over 3-hour presentation by 3 teams. So I spent over 3 hours watching the video last night (my local time)
It is very convenient as I can join from anywhere in the world.(I had to struggle as my PC did not have the new version of software!) I managed to watch and make some comments, hopefully in time for their final presentation.
Though I felt that I could never get away from “work” as the technology enables us to do many more things (I am supposed to be on vacation in British Columbia), it is convenient as I need not miss the last presentation AND I learn many things in the process myself. In particular, I find the approach students take to the issue interesting and their attempt to present their recommendation including business plan within an hour or so quite impressive.  Learning by doing is always a good idea.

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