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IMG_4907 Shopping is something I try to avoid no matter where I am. Few items I love looking around, however, are kitchen gadgets.
During my last visit to NYC, I bought two kitchen gadgets. One is mini grater and the other is garlic slicer.

IMG_4906I like mini grater as I often grate hard cheese over my spinach or ceaser salad. I do have a big one but this mini looked so appealing. So I bought it. (You can tell its size by the pen next to it.)

The other is a garlic slicer. I use garlic very often and usually slice it with knife. So when I found this garlic slicer/cutter, I bought it. (Photo on the right is when it is open.)

Today, I tried the slicer, and I was NOT able to slice garlic, but able to mince it. It turned out that there is the slicer, but the top part which matches the slicer does not exist! Mystery of gadget from NYC..

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