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Today marked the kick off day of the Field Study at Ad-Comm. Six students of ICS would be working at Ad-Comm for two project over the next four weeks.   I am one of the two supervisors of these projects and we are very excited.

This morning, Mr. Andreas Dannenberg, President and CEO of Ad-comm group gave us the overview of the group.  It was fascinating to hear his story of how he started the company and how he sees the changes taking place in the industry.  He showed us various work his group did for the clients and each one was so interesting.

We at ICS are so fortunate to have the company like Ad-comm group who would offer great opportunities for our students to apply what they have learned and to deliver output of some value.  We are very sure that over the four weeks,  our students will learn so much from interacting with people at Ad-comm group.

When I was at the reception of Ad-comm group this morning, the man (I believe who works for ad-comm group) offered to help me when I was trying to figure out which number to call from the reception.  We had been  on the elevator together.  I appreciated his offer for help very much.  I knew that our students will have great experience as they are in good hands. It was such a great way to start the project.

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