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Yesterday, I gave a key note speech at the annual general meeting of a trading company. The topic was “Fourth Industrial revolution and Work style Reform”-the combination of two buzz words.
I put together the slides to reflect the current state (I have given talks before on the similar topic) .
There were hundreds of people there, and only one woman among the audience. It was the first time in some time that I addressed almost all man group. I joked about the fact that there is no diversity which is one of the underlying drivers of work style reform.
I was not sure whether I made myself understood or not, as no questions were asked at the end.
I asked during the talk how many were using face book etc. SNS. There were a few.
What surprised me even more was the big group of participants were smoking right after my talk at the smoking section of the hotel. Lately the number of people who smoke has been down and I do not see too many, so I was a bit surprised. I like surprises and new findings whenever I do something new whether it is an assignment or my own endeavor
It was a good learning experience for me to realize that majority of companies looks more like Yuasa than Google…(too stretched comparison?) I want to thank people of Yuasa who gave me this unique opportunity.

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