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Almost every year end, I watch Kennedy Center Honors event broadcast.  This is the event to honor and celebrate those who have done extraordinary things in the art field. This year, the honorees include Robert de Niro, Mel Brooks, etc. etc. Most of the people in the art field as well as the President and the First Lady attend the event.

What I like about the event is the way people introduce and celebrate those honorees.  This year, the list included Meryl Streep, Matthew Broderick, Aretha Franklin, etc. etc. who themselves are those with impressive accomplishment.  The way they introduce those whom they have worked together, looked up to, etc. is full of respect, love and also with a great sense of humor.  They are good at what they do–whether singing, dancing, doing skit etc.

It is quite inspiring to know the extraordinary things the Honorees  have done, and heart warming to see how others in the field  respect and celebrate.

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