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This evening (Nov. 6), I went to Volvo Studio Aoyama First Anniversary Night where Keiichiro Shibuya DJ’ed.  I met with Keiichiro over a year ago at the panel and we talked about get together several times, but in vain. He invited me to some exciting events, but my schedule did not allow me to come. This time, I was able to come and I was SO excited to find out what he was up to.  (In fact, I had no idea what the event would be like.)

I got there little after 7:00 pm and met/talked briefly with Keiichiro.  He seemed to be full of energy.  After a while of networking and showing something (I was not quite sure, but it was-something related to music and technology!). He went upstairs to start DJ.  It was fabulous!  (I had never seen something like this, and was all so excited.)  I made a short movie, so please take a look! Keiichiro, thank YOU so much!

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