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20120210KBSKMDSDMI gave a brief talk yesterday afternoon (February 10)  for the students of KBS, KMD and SDM.  I was asked by one of the students at KBS and  I jumped on the opportunity because I realized that there is DIVIDE between the generations.  I also thought at Davos  that the young generation (in 20s) is connected well across national boundaries through technology and that I wanted to inform young Japanese of my impression.

I was not sure how many people would join, but to my happy surprise, some 50 people joined the session. I talked about the top priority issue at Davos, “Employment and Inclusive Growth”,  and some of the  specific actions of the Talent & Skills Mobility council which I have been involved.  Then I went on to discuss the issues related to career and my recommendation for the career beyond boundaries. (not necessarily geographic, but also fields)

I ended up talking too much, and not interactive enough except the Q & A session at the end, and also could have talked more about Davos in general.  I wish I had enough goodies (i.e. Swiss chocolate that goes around everybody!)

I had fun and sincerely would like to do more of this type of casual, informal get-together.  (I did some PR for the Global Agenda Seminar Series I run at Roppongi Academy Hills and also my two books!  Marketing is essential and I wanted to practice what I preach!)

I believe the interaction among different graduate schools would be very helpful for all of us.    As we often say, the innovation comes from interaction among different fields and encounters with people with different expertise.  We can try it very easily at Collaboration Complex Building which houses all three graduate schools. After all we are all neighbors!   I will see what I can do to continue the initiative.  It was fun Friday evening!

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