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  Today, March 3 was the day of KBC Value Creation Link.  I had an opportunity to do one of the panel discussions (I was the only one speaker and now wonder why it was called Panel Discussion!) in the late afternoon.  The topic was “Global Career” and I discussed my book which is coming in a month, and other ideas I have been advocating.

 The session was held at open space of the  Academy Hills and was Ustreamed.  I spoke in Japanese (I wondered last night whether it would be in Japanese or English, but I did it in Japanese, as almost all in the audience seemed to be Japanese.)

  I had planned to make it an interactive session, and I did start that way.  I asked the audience two hypothetical questions to get started.  The responses were interesting, and I could have continued the dialogue.  But I took a different approach and  shared my ideas and my recent experience related to the topic more in the presentation style.  

  As I reflect on it now, I could have made it more interactive by asking a series of questions.  Another option would be  to open the session to the floor in the middle and/or to have a dialogue with a moderatorafter I give brief presentation. (I realize the last format was what I tried at the company the other day, which seemed to have worked fine.)

 From now, I need to decide whether I will keep the discussion interactive throughout the session or do it at the beginning and then get into my presentation.  I realize that these two approaches are completel different and require different set of visuals and procedure.    I like to try new approaches and increase the number of options in format as well as in content. 

  We took a group photo after the session (will post when I get it) and quite a few people stayed around to ask me more questions. It is always nice to hear young people’s voices.  I wish I could have participated in After party, but  needed some rest after 3.5 hour sleep last night.  It seems that there were some today in the audience that participated in other seminars such as Vabel and Ritsumeikan, so I hope I will see some in the near future, probably on March 18.

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