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On Sunday, March 17, Anthem  project concert will be held at Bunkamura Orchard Hall.  This is Kazuki Yamada’s project entitled “Road to 2020” and consists of collection of  national anthem and well known songs from many countries at the occasion of 2020 Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics.  I was involved briefly on this project as I knew Kazuki Yamada when he began this project and also Philharmonic Chorus of Tokyo was involved  in this project. (In fact, we were at Brazilian embassy some 2 years ago in the summer as part of the kick off event. )

Kazuki has been very active in many areas and has been well received in Europe and in Japan. (You may recall the concert held at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, where he conducted Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra,  featuring Impulse, composed by Dai Fujikura and performed by Yu Kosuge, I wrote.)

Anthem project is interesting project and hope many will come to the concert on Sunday, March 17.  (I plan to be there.)  For details, go to this site.

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